You’ve probably seen this historic home on the site and our social media, but do you know the full story of what we did? No? Okay, here we go.


In a nutshell, we took this 160-year-old historic home in Andover (that’s right – it was built in 1859!), selectively demo’d the interior, and restored its bones to its modern beauty. With all new plumbing, electric, and HVAC units, we brought it up-to-date on all building, fire, and safety codes. For Andover locals, you’ve probably seen this house on the corner of Abbot & Phillips, and you know that no picture can do this home justice!

The bones of this house – the frame, the mantels, the entryway – were absolutely gorgeous, so we had to keep them. As the boys say, they “gut” the first and third floors, re-framing the outdated walls and replacing old windows and doors. During demolition, the gorgeous mantels were removed for safekeeping, restored, and brought back in immediately after. See the mantels – during & after – below.

This beauty on Abbot Street went from an outdated 19th century home to this updated 21st century home with a historic look and feel with the comfort & reliability of a brand-new one.

(more photos can be found here)