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Cote & Foster Contracting

We are general contractor in Merrimack Valley and Northshore regions Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Over the last three decades, Cote & Foster Contracting has premier general contractor, serving the North Shore Massachusetts and New Hampshire regions. Are background in civil engineering gives owners Steve Cote & Bill Foster an edge in the business with their ability to custom design projects to complement, the carpentry and remodeling services. Expertise, professionalism, and dedication are cornerstones of success the industry. Are limited only your imagination.

Our Story

Our owners Steve Cote and Bill Foster have built on their lifelong friendship to create a business together with a reputation for success. Over the years, we’ve built a great relationship with local contractors and vendors, helping us to complete any job with the finest materials and services.

Our Work

Our expertise, commitment to excellence and focus on our clients’ needs are well-known throughout the North Shore. We pride ourselves on giving you the best service possible for your dream project – custom design, planning, building, or remodeling.

Our Process

Our 36 years of business in this industry has allowed us to perfect our project management process, giving our clients a smooth experience throughout. From beginning to end, we keep clients informed and confident in our abilities, and you will always be able to communicate directly with our owners if you have any questions.